University outreach


Viva!’s University Outreach aims to raise awareness of the suffering of animals exploited by humans, the environmental impact of animal products and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle at universities. Students are consistently shown to be one of the demographics most open to going vegan and Viva! is utilising the university vegan societies across the country to reach out to universities nationwide.

Viva! worked with ten universities in 2019 and has plans to expand to several more universities in 2020. We helped King’s College London achieve a no-beef ban, engaged with more than 3,000 students face-to-face during our Viva!shake tour, and have given workshops on effective activism as well as used our Virtual Reality headsets at five universities. It’s been a huge success to the start of our university campaigns and we’d love for you to get involved.

If you would like to work with Viva! in the future at your university, please contact our campaigner Will at for more information.

Upcoming events:

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