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Hogwood vigil 2017 review

Current Events

Keep up to date with our current events which you can get involved in!

Cows milk hurt demo

Street actions and protests

Viva!’s Street Action events aim to raise awareness of the suffering of animals in Britain’s factory farms, how eating animal products affects our environment and promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

outreach hosts and supporters

Outreach hosts and supporters

Thank you for considering organising an event! It takes a bit of planning but is highly rewarding. Here are all the best tips to make sure that your event is a success!

Market and Fair volunteers

Become a Viva! Stall Vol and raise vital funds and awareness for our life-saving campaigns. Viva! as a charity, attends over 50 veggie, vegan, ethical and green events each year and we need your enthusiasm and compassion for animals to help us attend even more events.

University outreach

Viva!’s University Outreach aims to raise awareness of the suffering of animals exploited by humans, the environmental impact of animal products and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle at universities.


Being a door dropper

One of the biggest problems we face in getting our message to people is that a lot of the information they need to know just doesn’t reach them. Door dropping is the easiest form of outreach!

Fundraise with Team Viva!

Team Viva! consists of our fundraising heroes who run marathons, cycle long distances, and come up with creative ideas to raise money for Viva!

Get involved

How to organise a vegan fair or festival

Read our expert guide on how to effectively organise a vegan festival or fair. Full of vegan food, stalls, talks, films, cookery demos and more, they are one of the best forms of activism and outreach.

Volunteer at Viva! Poland’s Animal Sanctuary

Do you have any experience caring for animals and/or have two weeks or more to spare in order to help out at this wonderful sanctuary?

Viva! Business Supporter

Viva! Business Supporters

Working with Viva! provides the perfect opportunity for your brand to save animals and reach new audiences.

Viva! symbol

Apply for the Viva! Symbol

Viva! offers an eye-catching vegan-friendly symbol, which can help you promote your products to an audience of vegans as well as the millions of meat reducers, dairy avoiders and health conscious people that buy animal-free goods each year.

Viva! visit Dean Farm

Groups and sanctuaries

Find groups and sanctuaries in our My Vegan Town website

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