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Healthy vegan food


Our A-Z of Foods reveals why a varied vegan diet is packed full of amazing, health-promoting foods! We explain how berries are powerhouses of nutrition, why cabbages are king (not just in January!), find out all the fab vitamins and minerals hiding in pumpkin seeds and why seaweed is so special. Did you know quinoa is a seed rather than a grain? What makes mushrooms so chewy? Packed with useful info, the A-Z of Foods will inform an entertain! Fun fact: avocado is technically a berry and its original Aztec name āhuacatl also means ‘testicle’!

The A-Z of Foods takes you through different foods one by one, explaining and exploring their benefits, unique properties and potential risks. The key to a healthy diet is variety and if you aim for a wide range of foods daily and eat enough, you can’t go wrong!

List of foods

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