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Viva! Animals is here to educate about the wonderful and unique animals we share our planet with. We expose the atrocious factory farming industry which has taken over meat, dairy and egg production. Most farmed animals spend their short lives imprisoned in squalor and exploited for human use – a vast contrast to the freedoms and joys they experience in the wild.

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Introduction to Factory Farming

Whilst it is often claimed that the UK has some of the highest welfare standards in the world, the reality is far worse. Read our intro to factory farming.

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Number of animals killed

Billions of animals, from land to sea, are killed each year in the UK and around the world so we can unnecessarily consume animal products.

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Slaughter: how animals are killed

Every year in the UK around 1.2 billion land animals are slaughtered for human consumption. This includes over 1 billion chickens, 15 million turkeys, 14 million sheep, 2.8 million cattle, over 10 million pigs and almost 15 million sheep and lambs. In addition, almost one billion fish are killed and trillions of shellfish.

Red Tractor Overview

Red Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in Britain, that supposedly ‘promotes and regulates food quality’. But can it really be trusted?

Reporting farmed animal cruelty

When Viva! investigates factory farming we report our findings to every authority who can have an influence. We may call a vet to the scene (we have contacted the RSPCA as well as private vets). Plus, of course, we give our evidence to the retailers (often supermarkets) the farm is supplying.

Recent Campaigns & Investigations

Duck egg farming exposed

Investigation: Field Farm Duck Eggs

Viva! exposes shocking conditions at Lincolnshire duck egg farm. Find out more about the investigation and take action.

Sea lice attached to steelhead trout

Lice-nsed to kill

More than half the fish on our supermarket shelves are reared on intensive fish farms! But what lurks beneath the surface?

Big 3

The Big 3

Chicken, Cheese and Chocolate? Yes, You Ve-can! Our BIG THREE campaign helps Britain to overcome the most common obstacles to veganism.

End Factory Farming

End Factory Farming – Before It Ends Us

Factory farming is an intensive form of animal agriculture which prioritises profit above everything else. This means that animals are kept in cramped, overcrowded conditions with a lack of environmental enrichment, poor hygiene standards and low animal welfare.

hogwood a modern horror story

Hogwood: a modern horror story

Hogwood the Movie – all about. Each day, you are bombarded with messages reassuring you that the UK has the highest welfare standards in the world. Through careful marketing and misleading labels, we are led to believe that farmed animals are well cared for and that eating meat is natural, normal and necessary. It’s time to uncover the truth.

Scary Dairy

Going dairy-free is a smart move not just for ethical reasons but also because it will very likely improve your health in several ways. Try going dairy-free and see for yourself!


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