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End Factory Farming Appeal

Our groundbreaking investigations into UK fish farming exposed serious animal welfare concerns as well as devastating environmental impacts. To continue our work to End Factory Farming Before It Ends Us, we need your support.

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Morrisons exposed

The easing of lockdown has allowed our intrepid team of investigators to go back undercover to expose how filthy factory farms supply mainstream supermarkets. With your help, we can continue our investigations and lead global change! Your funds not only provide us with vital equipment to carry out investigations but also the budgets to launch major publicity stunts and campaigns.

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Support our POWERFUL billboards!

We’re running two powerful billboard campaigns in the East Midlands and West Midlands — and they’ve gone viral. Our billboards have had an instant impact on thousands of people. You can help expand our billboard campaign to a town or city near you!

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Three in four…

Covid-19 was inevitable, just as further pandemics are inevitable, some of which will be even more lethal than this particular coronavirus. We have joined forces with leading experts and campaigners to call for the end of animal exploitation to prevent future pandemics. Donate today and help us put an end to this.

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