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Viva! La Burger Tour Success!

27/07/2021  |   Tags: 
  • Campaigns
  • Environment
  • Planet
  • Street action

The Viva! La Burger tour hit the south of England to show the public how delicious vegan Taste & Glory burgers are – and how they can save the world by eating them! 

7 reasons to go vegan for the planet

06/04/2021  |   Tags: 
  • Climate change
  • Environment
  • vegan diet

Going vegan is one of the easiest and most effective changes you can make to help combat climate change and save the planet.

Go vegan for the planet and future generations

04/08/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Environment

What if there was one simple change you could make to your life that would be more effective at combatting climate change and halting wildlife loss than stopping flying, using an electric car or switching to a green energy supplier. There is – going vegan!

Is Your Energy Supply Vegan?

02/06/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Environment

Hidden animal by-products could be lurking in your energy supply, so how can you make sure it’s vegan?

How Ethical Is Your Vegan Milk And Cheese?

06/03/2020  |   Tags: 

Tim Hunt from Ethical Consumer Magazine sheds some light on the brands behind some of the most popular plant-based milk and cheese to help you make an informed decision.

Is This Plant Vegan?

06/03/2020  |   Tags: 

Certain plants, such as avocados and cherries, have been deemed ‘non-vegan’ because of the use of bees. Viva! puts the story straight.

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Found 9 Results - Page 1 of 1