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We have a wealth of useful information and resources for both students and universities alike. From nutrition leaflets and factsheets, how to eat vegan on a budget, to improving vegan offerings in university canteens.

For Students

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Thousands of students reached on Viva!’s latest University Freshers’ Tour

In September and October 2022, Viva! visited universities across the country and spoke to thousands of students, giving out free vegan food and educational resources. 

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The Freshers’ Guide to Going Vegan at Uni

Convinced that veganism is the right choice, but not sure how to go about it? Here are nine tried and tested top tips designed to help students make the transition!

University outreach

Viva!’s University Outreach aims to raise awareness of the suffering of animals exploited by humans, the environmental impact of animal products and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle at universities.

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University: the best time to go vegan?

University students are up to six times more likely to be vegan than their parents. But why?

Viva! Freshers’ Tour 2022

Viva! Freshers’ Tour 2022

Viva! campaigners are hitting the road again for our third annual Freshers’ Tour as part of the Eating the Earth wildlife campaign!

Eating vegan on a budget

We are here to blast out of the water any pre-conception that vegan has to be expensive. Learning to cook your own fresh, plant-based dishes from scratch is exciting, rewarding and can be incredibly affordable.

How to Improve Vegan Options at Your University: A Guide for Students

Guide for students to help their university catering departments become more ethical, more sustainable, and healthier for all.

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Food shopping

Never before has there been such an incredible range of vegan food options available, in such a wide variety of shops. We’ve compiled a list of the best.


Convenience Foods & Easy Recipes

If you don’t like cooking or find yourself short of time, don’t worry! The major supermarkets have an ever-increasing array of instant vegan meals now on offer, and we’ve got oodles of recipes for super-speedy convenience dishes.

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What I need each day for good health

Have you ever wondered what you need to eat each day? How much protein and carbohydrate should you get? What types of fat do you need and where can you get them?


Viva! has an expansive range of leaflets, fact sheets, and more, containing all the information you could need to maintain a healthy vegan diet on a budget.

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Viva! budget guide to eating vegan

A handy guide for anyone cooking vegan on a budget

Mini fact sheet: Vitamin B12

Mini factsheet: Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps make red blood cells and keeps our nervous system healthy. If you lack vitamin B12 you could suffer from vitamin B12 anaemia – your red blood cells aren’t able to carry oxygen around your body properly.

Mini fact sheet: Protein

Mini factsheet: Protein

It’s a tired old question asked by those who think animal products are the only proper sources of protein. But do vegans fall short? What are the facts? Why do we need protein?

Mini fact sheet: Iron

Mini factsheet: Iron

Your body uses iron to make haemoglobin in red blood cells and myoglobin in muscles, both proteins carry oxygen to fuel the body. Without enough iron to make these proteins, iron-deficiency anaemia may leave you tired and short of breath

Mini factsheet: Calcium and vitamin D

Vitamin D is often overlooked, and many people are unaware that deficiency is common in the UK, especially during the winter!

A-Z of hidden nasties

A-Z Of Hidden Nasties Factsheet

An A-Z glossary of animal substances – includes definitions of vegetarian and vegan.

For Universities

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Catering Guide

The demand for vegan options in canteens, restaurants and cafes is soaring. Our easy to follow catering guide is full of information for universities to increase and improve their vegan offerings, dozens of original recipes, and two case studies from KCL and UWE.

Check out our vegan catering guide on Vegan Recipe Club.

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