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Viva! Lifestyle shows how positive and easy it is to go vegan. From Vegan Recipe Club and 7 Day Vegan – packed with delicious tried and tested recipes – to the Viva! Shop which offers vegan fashion and food, it has everything you need to get started. Get started with our vegan FAQs and guide to veganism.

We also directly help people to go vegan, taking to the streets  with free vegan hotdogs, cappuccinos, milkshakes and ice-cream, and you can campaign with us!

Living vegan

If you are vegan or thinking of making the change, we have everything you need to know about how to live vegan in every aspect of your life.

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Going Vegan

Think going vegan is difficult? Think again! With all our guides, resources and tips, going vegan will be a stroll in the park. Find the best supermarket products, the best places to eat out, how to meet other vegans, how to replace your favourite chocolates and cheeses and much more.

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Definition of Veganism

Vegans don’t eat, wear or use anything from animals — whether from land animals (meat, dairy, eggs, honey, shellac, leather, fur etc) or from water animals (fish, prawns, crab, lobster etc). Vegans also exclude, as far as is practicable, all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.

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Veganism 101

So you’ve decided to go vegan – that’s amazing! Your decision will help reduce animal suffering, protect the planet, save others and improve your own health. We have everything you need to get started.

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Focus on...

Try Vegan For One Week With V7!

Switching from animal products to plant-based ingredients can have huge benefits for your health, the planet and animals. That’s why we’ve launched V7 – our brand new ‘one week’ food challenge.

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A vegan’s guide to…

From butter to cheese and chocolate to cream — our handy guides tell you everything you need to know. So whether you’re a newbie vegan or looking to try some new delicious delights, we’re here to help.

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Vegan FAQs

Where do you get your protein? Is honey vegan? All of your questions about veganism answered in one easy place.

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Delicious and easy vegan recipes for athletes and active people. Healthy, nutritious and bursting with recovery-boosting antioxidants!

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