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On 27 November 2001, Viva! Poland was born. Juliet decided to launch Viva! in Poland as it was a country that had been hugely restricted in free speech and where vegan organisations had been banned – so the launch of Viva! Poland was met with great excitement. Its debut was Journey to Death, a campaign to end the live export of horses from Poland for meat.

Viva! Poland has grown under the excellent direction of Cezary Wyzynski, into the largest animal rights group in Poland with major campaigns against fur, vivisection, animals in captivity, carriage horses, and factory farming. Viva! Poland also runs an animal sanctuary near Warsaw taking care of and providing safety to hundreds of animals.

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Ukraine Crisis – Viva! Acts, by Juliet Gellatley

In March, I went to Poland to support our dedicated staff, help where I could and to report back to the UK. It was an historic and intense visit.

Cezary Wyszynski on the role played by Viva! Poland’s sanctuary following the invasion of Ukraine

Cezary Wyszynski describes the important role being played by Viva! Poland sanctuary following the invasion of Ukraine.

Animal Sanctuary

Located about an hour out of Warsaw, the Korabiewice Viva! Poland sanctuary houses around 520 animals per year.

The sanctuary is a beautiful place, 60 acres of pretty fields and with a road running through a section with enclosures for dogs on either side, as well as cat houses with enclosed gardens. It is also home to about 40 horses, some rescued from the meat trade, 40 goats, 12 rescued pigs, cows, chickens and geese who bite your bottom given the chance! There are also 14 beautiful Arctic and silver foxes, and two raccoon dogs, rescued from the fur trade.

Help us Save Animals in Ukraine and care for them at Viva! Poland Sanctuary

Viva! Poland needs your help to collect and deliver food and medicine, and transport animals affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Volunteer at Viva! Poland’s Animal Sanctuary

Do you have any experience caring for animals and/or have two weeks or more to spare in order to help out at this wonderful sanctuary?


arctic fox


When our prehistoric ancestors dressed in animal skins and fur, it was a necessity for survival, but today, with so many alternative cruelty-free clothing items, it is utterly and inexcusably cruel.

Journey to Death: Horses

Every year, 30,000 ‘meat’ horses leave Poland for the slaughterhouses of Italy. There is no rest, no water and no food for many on the road to misery – a five day journey across six countries.

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