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An activist is someone who does things, no matter how big or small, to make a change. Not eating animals is the best way to be an animal activist! But there are also many other ways to help too. These are some of Viva!’s favourite ways to become a brilliant animal activist. Remember that the best activists need help from an adult. Adults, find out about Viva!’s activism and how to help a Viva! Gen activist.

Get involved Cakes sales

Cake Sales

The best way to showcase a vegan diet is through delicious sweet treats! Why not try and bake some tasty cakes for friends and family or even a school bake sale? Cake sales can also be a brilliant fundraising activity. Find some great recipes here.

Get involved - in schools

In Schools

Do you have a show and tell coming up? Bring in your favourite animal cuddly toy and explain why you don’t eat them! Maybe you could create a poster to show or make a small presentation. Viva! Gen is full of facts you can share with your friends.

Get involved - stalls


Have you thought about helping to run a vegan stall before? This is something fun the family can do together! Remember to get some help from an adult. There are lots of vegan fairs all over the UK. If you can’t run a stall yourself, see if you can visit one!

get involved - write letters

Write letters

Writing letters is a great way to make changes and to get your voice heard. Maybe you would like your school to offer more vegan food options, or you would like a local shop to sell more vegan products? Write a letter and let them know! Viva! has won lots of campaigns because of supporters writing letters. A great vegan activist changed a whole school policy by doing just this!

Get involved - sponsored challenges

Sponsored challenges

Fundraising challenges are a fantastic way to raise money for Viva!. Sponsored walks, swims or bike rides are our favourites! If you’re a budding chef or a fantastic artist, cakes and crafts are great ways to raise money too! Make sure you get help from an adult if you would like to start a fundraiser — you could feature in Viva!’s Activist Gallery!

Get involved - create placards

Create Placards

Placards are big posters with big messages! They are often used at protests and marches so everyone knows exactly what you want to say. Try coming up with a powerful slogan and make sure it’s bright and colourful so everyone can see it! Take it along to a local march or tape it to your bedroom window for everyone to see. It could also feature in our Viva! Artist Gallery.

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