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Dementia and diet

01/05/2022  |   Tags: 
  • Age Related Health Problems
  • Diet and dementia

Our brains are dynamic, busy and demanding and use more than a fifth of our daily energy intake. But does the type of food you eat matter and can it affect your risk of dementia?

What to eat daily for good health

01/02/2022  |   Tags: 

The human body is resilient and can survive on a poor diet for a fairly long time but surviving doesn’t mean being well. If you establish a heathy base to your daily diet, you will support your health and still have room for treats!

Reasons to be Vegan – One, Two Three!

06/01/2022  |   Tags: 
  • Environment
  • vegan diet

Whichever way you look at it, there is everything to be gained and nothing to lose by going vegan. It’s never been easier and you are spoilt for choice when looking for new and exciting things to eat.

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Found 156 Results - Page 1 of 16