Thriving Vegan Children


Raising vegan children is a joy but also a great responsibility. Children of all ages thrive on well-planned vegan diets but their parents or caregivers need to learn a few nutrition basics to make sure their babes are well-fed. Of course, this applies to all parents, vegan or not!

Here, we bring you all the essential information to ensure you have a happy and healthy vegan child. Click on the sections below to learn more on each topic.

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A vegan diet can provide the best nutrition for children of all ages

Vegan or not, all children need the same nutrients! A well-planned vegan diet can provide all they need and an extra bonus on top – a healthy start to life and a reduced risk of several diseases.

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How to make healthy vegan meals and snacks for kids

It’s easy for kids to fill up but that could mean they eat nothing but crisps and chocolate. It’s our job as parents and carers to make sure they are not just full but well-fed. Once you get used to the healthy meal routine, it’ll be a piece of cake – both for you and your child!

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Feeding a growing body

What should every parent know about their child’s changing dietary needs? Each child has specific requirements and preferences but they also have many things in common. Here are the key points, starting with guidelines for babies and ending with suggestions for older kids.

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Which nutrients do children need and how much according to age?

You’ll find every nutrient children need on this page, including the best sources and recommended intakes. Do you want to know about healthy fats, iodine or vitamin K? We’ve got you covered, just scroll down!

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Supplements for vegan children

A vegan diet can give your child the healthiest start to life and thousands of thriving vegan babies, children and teenagers are proving it. However, there is a couple of nutrients that children need to receive in the supplement form and a few to watch.

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How to get children to eat healthily?

Despite our best efforts, it’s sometimes difficult to make our children eat what’s good for them or eat enough. There are many little tricks to help your child get all the nutrition they need.

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Chronic diseases often take root in childhood

Many chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, start developing early in life thanks to unhealthy diets and lifestyle habits. A vegan diet can help reduce the risk of these diseases and protect your child’s health.

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Vegan diet and healthy bones

Children grow because their bones are growing, becoming larger and stronger. Even though vegan children grow and develop at the same rate as non-vegans, parents of vegan children are often challenged on the subject of healthy bones. Here’s everything you need to know.

Healthy Vegan Kids

A must-have guide for any parent who wants their child to be healthy and strong – it contains all you need to know about vegan diets for children in a handy format.

Vegan New Parents guide

The Vegan New Parents guide

Thinking of raising your family vegan? Don’t know where to start with first foods, baby led weaning and beyond? Look no further than The Vegan New Parents’ Guide from leading vegan charity, Viva!

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