Undercover investigations


Viva!’s hard-hitting investigations shine a light into the dark corners of animal agriculture, exposing the miserable lives farmed animals lead. We’ve uncovered cruelty, suffering and abuse across the board and use our findings to deliver high-impact campaigns against animal exploitation and environmental destruction. Our work has achieved major press coverage in numerous publications including: the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Sun and The Times as well as featured on BBC and ITV News. 


Investigation: Home Farm

An undercover investigation by Viva! Campaigns has exposed multiple incidents of animal cruelty at a dairy farm in Kent supplying Freshways.

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Investigation: Broilers

An undercover investigation into the UK’s three largest chicken producers reveals the miserable reality of life on dismal factory farms.

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Investigation: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout found severely overcrowded and suffering from stress, abrasive injury and predation in ‘high welfare’ fish farms supplying luxury food retailers.

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Investigation: Xmas Turkeys

An undercover investigation into three British intensive Red Tractor turkey farms reveals shocking scenes of suffering and abject animal cruelty, all for the sake of Christmas dinner.

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