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Viva! Planet highlights how livestock farming is destroying our planet. Take a look at the main issues and solutions and check out Viva! Farming for inspiration on transforming British farming to plant-based.

Our huge Vegan Now campaign exposes how factory farming is at the heart of almost every huge environmental catastrophe, including the climate crisis, and presents veganism as the clear solution.


The Issues

Climate Crisis

Global warming isn’t a prediction, it’s happening around us right now and livestock farming lies at the heart of it. Your dietary choices can either be part of the problem or part of the solution in addressing the climate crisis.

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Air Pollution

Most people assume that industry and transport are the main causes of air pollution, but agriculture is actually the single biggest cause of air pollution in Europe.



Animal agriculture is the biggest driver of deforestation as forests are cleared to make way for growing animal feed and grazing.


Around one-quarter of the world’s land is turning into desert driven by climate change and the expansion of livestock farming; switching to a vegan diet would stop this relentless assault on the world’s soils and permit recovery.

Locally grown


Is it better to eat local or vegan? We explain the pitfalls of relying on food miles to guide your eating and explain why going vegan is the most effective way to lower the environmental impact of your food.

Rotten strawberries

Food Waste

Around 700 million people around the world go hungry every year, and it’s estimated that a staggering three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet; yet we throw a huge amount of food away.


Land Use

We are fast running out of space to grow enough food, with three-quarters of the world’s agricultural land already in use for livestock farming. The only solution is for us all to go vegan.

Palm oil trees

Palm Oil

The expansion of palm oil production has led to a huge loss of wildlife, with substantial numbers of elephants, rhinos, tigers and orangutans losing their homes. You have the power to decrease demand for palm oil by voting with your wallet.

Rows of soya bean


Used to fuel the increasing global demand for meat and animal-based foods, soya has now become one of the world’s biggest crops.

Cracked Earth

Water Use

The production of animal-based foods requires far more water than plant-based foods. A shift in global eating habits towards a vegan diet, could redress the imbalance by preserving water and reducing global hunger and malnutrition.  

black rhino

Wildlife Loss

One million species are now at risk of extinction while three-quarter of the world’s food comes from just 12 plants and five animal species.


World Hunger

One in nine people in the world today are undernourished, yet we feed around a third of our global crop production to animals. If we cut out the middleman and ate the crops ourselves, instead of feeding them to animals, we could feed an additional four billion people.

The Solutions

Lab Meat

What is the potential of lab-grown meat for saving animals and the planet, and what are the ethical concerns?

green combine harvester

Farming for a vegan future – why?

The vegan movement is growing at a fast pace. Animal agriculture is unsustainable. Find out more about why we need to start farming for a vegan future.

farming equipment in field

Farming for a vegan future – how?

How are we going to transform a landscape and an industry that centres around the production of animals for food?

cows standing in field

12 Farming Myths Busted

Here we bust 12 commonly circulated myths about farming.

Revisioning Britain Map For Vegan Britain

Revisioning Britain Map

Take a look at our map revisioning Britain as the land of sustainability and biodiversity.

Vegan toast

Why go vegan?

People choose to go vegan for many reasons — namely for the animals, the planet and their health.

Recent campaigns

Eating the Earth

The world’s wildlife is rapidly disappearing, and with it the foundations of humanity’s survival. We are experiencing the world’s sixth mass extinction and at the heart of this problem is our demand for meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Explore the animals under threat and what you can do to help.     

Why Carbon Footprints Must be Included on Menus

Viva!’s call to put carbon footprints on menus to help save the planet.

this is fine

This is Fine

This Is Fine is our latest environmental campaign video – an illustrated animation playing on the viral meme, ‘This is fine’.



Meet Oracle 🔮 An algorithm embedded in the planet’s source code that initiates when humanity is on the verge of extinction 🌎 Watch our exciting new short film now!

Be Vegan like Greta

Vegan Now

We are in the midst of a climate emergency. Going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do to cut down your environmental impact. See what you can do help.

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