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Being a "Door-Dropper" for Viva!

One of the biggest problems we face in getting our message to people is that a lot of the information they need to know just doesn’t reach them. Door dropping is the easiest form of outreach!

Door dropping means distributing leaflets by putting them in people’s letterboxes. It’s a gentle but effective form of outreach and it’s also time-efficient, you can cover a street in just a few minutes.

By delivering leaflets in your local area, you will spread our message to people who may otherwise have no opportunity to see it. You can deliver as many or as few as you can manage and it will make a difference!

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Top tips for door dropping

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  • Decide on the leaflets. We have many leaflets available covering all of the issues surrounding animal cruelty. Some of our leaflets contain graphic images so not all of them are suitable. If you would like any advice on which leaflets to use, get in touch by emailing or give us a call on 0117 944 1000.
  • Try new areas. If you are an avid door dropper, try to deliver to new areas each time so the information is received by lots of people. We find it best to post one leaflet through each letterbox, this way you have more leaflets for more houses!
  • Push the whole leaflet through the letterbox. Sometimes leaflets can be left hanging out of the letterboxes on display to passers-by, we don’t want this to happen so double check it can’t be seen once posted.
  • Look out for “no junk mail” signs. Although our leaflets aren’t junk mail, it is best to keep an eye-out for these signs.
  • Be safe. Although we have never heard of anyone having any trouble while door dropping, it always pays to be sensible. Think about where you are going and let friends and family know. Don’t go into people’s houses even if you’re invited in. In the very unlikely event that anyone should confront you, be polite and don’t get drawn into an argument.
  • Have fun! This way of outreach is one of the easiest ways to make a difference. If you don’t feel comfortable on your own, bring friends along to help spread the word and have fun doing it!

We have lots of FREE door dropper packs containing 100 leaflets for many different campaigns. We have more leaflets available on our shop, suitable for door dropping as well as outreach events and stalls. If you would prefer to order leaflets directly from us, or would like any more information or advice, email or call 0117 944 1000. We offer most of our materials for free to activists but if you can donate any money to help cover the printing and postage costs, it is always gratefully received!

Thank you so much for your support. Happy campaigning and good luck!

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