Going Vegan

If you’ve just gone vegan, or you’re thinking about it, you’ll find all the information you need right here. From the best documentaries to watch, to how to eat vegan on a budget.

The Best Resources for Vegans

We’ve selected some of the most useful resources for vegans and aspiring vegans alike. Including: the best books on animal ethics, plant-based cookbooks, documentaries and vegan podcasts.

Vegan breakfast

Veganism 101

So you’ve decided to go vegan – that’s amazing! Your decision will help reduce animal suffering, protect the planet, save others and improve your own health. We have everything you need to get started.

veggie burger

Easy Vegan Swaps

From butter to cheese and pork to beef— our handy guides tell you everything you need to know. So whether you’re a new vegan or just looking to try some new delicious delights, we’re here to help.

Online resources

Four incredible sites by Viva! to help you try and stay vegan.


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Vegan Recipe Club

Hundreds of delicious vegan recipes, guest chefs, videos, blogs, articles and tips!

My Vegan Town

Find vegan friendly cafes, bars, restaurants and share reviews.

A vegan's guide to...

Take a look at our handy guides to every type of food you can think of. From butter, to desserts, to meat alternatives.

Vegan guide to cheese

Easy Vegan Swaps for Cheese

Cheese addiction is real but, thankfully, once you break free from it, the cravings stop. But why is cheese so addictive? And which vegan options are best?

Vegan guide to chocolate

Easy Vegan Swaps for Chocolate

There is so much incredible vegan chocolate we don’t know where to start! From milky to white to dark, we’ve got it all covered here.

oat muffins

Easy Vegan Swaps for Eggs

One of the most common questions for vegan bakers is what do you use instead of eggs. There are surprisingly many great alternatives.

Vegan guide to milk

Easy Vegan Swaps for Milk

Going dairy-free is one of the most natural changes to your diet. Why? Simply because drinking milk past infancy is not what nature intended.

Vegan guide to ice cream

Easy Vegan Swaps for Ice-cream

There is an abundance of delicious vegan ice cream out there nowadays! All of the supermarkets have at least one offering but most have several and some have started making their own brand.

Meat alternatives header of someone holding a vegan burger

Easy Vegan Swaps for Meat

There are so many incredible vegan meat and dairy alternatives out there now and all the health food shops and supermarkets stock them. Here are some of our favourites.

Are you looking for more?

Vegan at home

So you’ve decided to go vegan. Now what? Take a look at our tips for shopping and easy meal ideas.

Eating vegan on a budget

We are here to blast out of the water any pre-conception that vegan has to be expensive. Learning to cook your own fresh, plant-based dishes from scratch is exciting, rewarding and can be incredibly affordable.


Convenience Foods & Easy Recipes

If you don’t like cooking or find yourself short of time, don’t worry! The major supermarkets have an ever-increasing array of instant vegan meals now on offer, and we’ve got oodles of recipes for super-speedy convenience dishes.

food in a shopping basket

Food shopping

Never before has there been such an incredible range of vegan food options available, in such a wide variety of shops. We’ve compiled a list of the best.

Vegan on the go

Being vegan while on the move can be a challenge.  But don’t worry, our guides will help you on your way.

food in a shopping basket

Food shopping

Never before has there been such an incredible range of vegan food options available, in such a wide variety of shops. We’ve compiled a list of the best.

Restaurants and Eating Out

Eating out vegan has never been easier! Within the UK and around the world, the amount of places to eat vegan has increased exponentially with chefs and food manufacturers coming up with even more creative and delicious options.

vegan cakes on a cake serving dish in french cafe

Travelling vegan

Travelling vegan has never been easier as many countries across the world are getting on the bandwagon and providing lots more options. Here are our top picks!

Vegan FAQs

Have questions about veganism? We’ve got you covered.

three die which spell out faq

Vegan FAQs

Where do you get your protein? Is honey vegan? All of your questions about veganism answered in one easy place.

Viva! Health FAQs

Vegan Health FAQs

Need some nutritional knowledge or answers to quandaries, queries or questions? Drop a line or email to Viva!Health’s vegan health experts

Nutrients header image

A-Z of nutrients

How much protein do you need? What’s the difference between good fat and bad fat? Where can you find health-protecting vitamins and minerals? Our A-Z of Nutrients has all the answers and more!

More resources

Vegan Events

Find a vegan festival/event in your area! Meet fellow vegans, enjoy talks, cookery demos, treats, beauty, clothing and gifts.

Viva! Shop

Shop kind in the Viva! shop for lots of vegan goodies, treats, beauty products, clothing, wine, books and materials!


A wide range of materials from leaflets to posters; covering animal, health and planet issues, designed to help activists with their outreach.

All the latest vegan news, views and interviews!

Listen to the Viva! Vegan Podcast. Our monthly podcast is about all things vegan! We feature fascinating interviews with vegan celebrities and thought leaders. We provide expert advice about vegan health and give some fabulous tips and tricks about vegan cooking. Each episode, we debate some of the most pressing issues we face while offering some light relief with our vegan music section. So no matter where you are in your vegan journey, there’ll be something for you in the Viva! Vegan Podcast.

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