Eating the Earth: Week of Action

Join Viva! in saving the world's wildlife

This upcoming September 12th-18th is the Viva! Swaps to Save Wildlife Week of Action. Join local groups across the country in hosting vegan outreach events in your area to help protect wildlife and the planet, part of Viva!’s Eating the Earth campaign. 

Eating meat, dairy, fish, and eggs is the leading cause of wildlife and biodiversity loss. We have eaten our way into the Earth’s sixth mass extinction – the first that is a direct result of human greed!

It was an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs – but it’s our fondness for beef burgers, milkshakes, chicken and cheese that has now killed off countless species, and many more are teetering on the edge of extinction.

There is still a narrow window of time to make a difference, as long as we take action now!

The Week of Action

Join us with our Swaps to save Wildlife Week of Action this September. Host a stall in your local area to help empower people to make the switch to vegan alternatives – helping save both the planet and wildlife while putting an end to animal suffering.

Let’s celebrate just how good vegan food can be, and the difference we can make through widespread change.

If everyone in the UK went vegan, the amount of land needed for food production would be reduced by up to 74 per cent. This would free up space for nature to flourish again, becoming a safe haven for wildlife, as well as a vital carbon store, crucial to combating the climate crisis.

Join an event near you

Get involved with one of the multiple events happening across the country over the Swaps for Wildlife Week of Action. See below for details of the stalls taking part, and how to find out more information. These will be updated regularly.

Redruth, Contact for more information.

Bristol, September 15 from 11am – 2:30pm:

Blackpool, September 17 from 1pm – 4pm:

Stoke-on-Trent, September 17 from 11:30am – 3pm:

Coventry City Centre, Bull Yard, September 17 from 10am – 3pm. Contact for more information.

Cambridge, September 18 from 12pm – 3pm. Location: CB2 3HG.

Scarborough, September 18. Contact for more information.

Glasgow, TBC. Contact for more information.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, Shaftesbury Road, September 21, from 11am – 3pm. Contact for more information.

Cambridge, Resist! Vegan Kitchen, PE30 5DA, September 22, 11am – 4pm. Contact for more information.

Stratford-upon-Avon, October 1 and 2, Stratford Food Festival from 10am – 5pm. Contact for more information.

Take action online

Each day this week, as part of our Swaps to Save Wildlife Week of Action, we will be sharing an easy but powerful action you can take to help combat the wildlife crisis. We will be updating the daily actions on this webpage and also sending them out through our campaign newsletter.  

Day one: door-drop our impactful Eating the Earth leaflet to 100 homes. 

Help us spread awareness of the devastating impact producing meat, dairy, fish and eggs is having on the world’s wildlife.

Door-drop our brand-new 'Eating the Earth' leaflet and spread our message by posting the leaflets through people's letterboxes.

Day two: share your favourite vegan swap.  

Today we are encouraging people to visit to discover the numerous alternatives there are for meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Help us support people on their vegan journey with today’s simple action – share Viva!’s swap page alongside your own favourite swap. 

Day three: share our hard-hitting campaign film.

Share our Eating the Earth video to your friends and family by sharing it on your social media channels using the hashtag #EatingtheEarth. Share the video using this link:

Suggested caption to use when sharing the video: “We are eating the earth into the next sixth mass extinction. Wildlife is dying, forests are being slashed down, and the planet is burning – all so we can eat meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Be part of the solution – go vegan now: #EatingtheEarth”

Day four: sign Viva!’s petition to make it mandatory to include carbon footprints on menus.

Viva! is calling on the Government to make it a legal requirement for restaurants to include carbon footprints on menus. We are in the midst of a climate crisis – a key driver of wildlife loss. Animalbased products have a significantly greater carbon footprint than plant-based products. By having this information easily accessible on menus it will help consumers make an informed choice. 

Urge the Government to prioritise carbon footprints on menus

Day five: share our campaign message online by changing your Facebook cover photo to our Eating the Earth graphic over Viva!’s Week of Action. 


Suggested caption to use when changing your cover photo:

“We are experiencing the world’s sixth mass extinction. Eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs is the number one driver of wildlife species loss. going vegan now is the only way we can save the world’s wildlife and ensure humanity’s own survival. Find out more at #EatingtheEarth.”  

Day six: share the story of our wildlife ambassadors 

Across this week we have been sharing the heartbreaking stories of wildlife around the world who are dying as a result of the global appetite for meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Today we are asking you to join us in sharing their stories through your own social media channels. Download the graphics below and tag your posts #EatingtheEarth. Learn more about the threats facing them here.

Day Seven: Join Viva!

We can’t run these crucial awareness-raising campaigns without the help of our amazing supporters. By joining today as a monthly supporter you can help make a real difference for wildlife, and the future of our planet.

Become a monthly supporter

Get involved by holding a stall

Help spread this vital message nationwide!

Only with your help can we truly reach everyone and create the change we want – and need – to see in the world.

Our stall pack contains all the materials you need including posters, leaflets and where to find delicious vegan recipes. Complete the form below to order your stall pack today.

Let us know how many volunteers will be joining your event so we can send you the right amount of leaflets and posters.

If you would like any more information, please email or call 0117 944 1000, 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri.

Graphics to help you promote your stall

Promote your stall by downloading our Swaps to Save Wildlife social media graphics. Make sure to tag your posts with #EatingTheEarth.


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