A vegan’s guide to…

A Vegan’s Guide to Cream and Custard

Vegan cream has reached an all time high in terms of availability, deliciousness and variety – result! All the major supermarkets have at least one offering and many have several, make sure you check out the chilled and dry free-from sections.

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A Vegan’s Guide to Desserts

If you’re a dessert lover then you’re in luck as there are lots of gorgeous vegan desserts out there. From chocolate pots to doughnuts and everything in between.

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A Vegan’s Guide to Ice-cream

There is an abundance of delicious vegan ice cream out there nowadays! All of the supermarkets have at least one offering but most have several and some have started making their own brand.

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A Vegan’s Guide to Tofu

There are a lot of myths still flying around about soya and tofu. We’re here to clear up the confusion and to help you decide what type of tofu works with which dish.

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A vegan’s guide to yoghurt

Vegan yoghurt is absolutely everywhere, delicious and comes in a wide variety of flavours, styles and ingredients. The most popular is the soya yogurt but there’s an abundance of almond, coconut, rice, cashew and even hemp!

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