Join Viva!’s exciting new Christmas campaign!

Xmas Events Dates

Viva!’s exciting Christmas campaign will run between November and Christmas 2023. We will be on the streets in major UK cities to encourage shoppers to choose cruelty-free this festive season.

Come and join us! With a Christmassy feel, stalls will offer free mince pies and show footage from undercover investigations, provide leaflets, health guides and practical ideas of how to transition to a vegan way of life for Christmas and beyond.


Join the Viva! team at the following events.

LONDON – 30 NOVEMBER, 1pm to 4pm – LEICESTER SQAURE – Facebook event

BATH – 2 DECEMBER, 12pm to 4pm – KINGSMEAD SQUARE – Facebook event

GLASGOW – 8 DECEMBER, 12pm to 4pm – ARGYLE STREET – Facebook event

EDINBURGH – 9 DECEMBER, 12pm to 4pm – ROYAL MILE (HIGH STREET) – Facebook event

CARDIFF – 14 DECEMBER, 3pm to 7pm – QUEEN STREET – Facebook event

We’ll be bringing leaflets, posters, footage and free food samples for the public so all you have to do is join us on the day.

Our amazing Viva! outreach hosts are also organising Christmas events up and down the country. To join one of the events below, please send us an email or follow the Facebook link below. We’ll send you up-to-date locations and timings.

HASTINGS – 2 DECEMBER, 11am – Town Centre – Facebook event

SOUTHSEA – 2 DECEMBER, 10:30am to 1pm – Palmerston Road – Facebook event

SWINDON – 3 DECEMBER, 12pm to 3pm – Regent Street (outside M&S) – Facebook event

LIVERPOOL – 3 DECEMBER, 12pm to 3pm – Church Street – Facebook event

LEICESTER – 3 DECEMBER, 11am to 2pm – Leicester City Centre – Facebook event

REDDITCH – 3 DECEMBER, 12pm to 2pm – Church Green – Facebook event

EASTBOURNE – 6 DECEMBER, 11am – Terminus Road – Facebook event

OXFORD – 9 DECEMBER, 11:30am to 2:30pm – Bonn Square – Facebook event

BRIGHTON – 9 DECEMBER, 12pm to 3pm – New Road – Facebook event

BLACKPOOL – 9 DECEMBER, 1pm to 4pm – Victoria Street – Facebook event

LINCOLN – 9 DECEMBER, 11am – High Street – Facebook event link 

NORWCH – 10 DECEMBER, 12pm to 2pm – The Haymarket – Facebook event

MANCHESTER – 12 DECEMBER, 1:30pm to 4:30pm – House of Fraser – Facebook event

EXETER – 15 DECEMBER, 11am to 2pm – High Street – Facebook event

DONCASTER – 16 DECEMBER, 12pm to 2:30pm – Doncaster French Gate Shopping Centre – Facebook event

TAMWORTH – 16 DECEMBER, 12:30pm to 3pm – Middle Entry Shopping Arcade – Facebook event

BATH – 17 DECEMBER, 11am to 2pm – Old Bond Street – Facebook event

LONDON – 17 DECEMBER, 11am to 3pm – London Southbank – Facebook event

The real price of Christmas

Christmas is a time for people to celebrate with friends and family, share gifts and enjoy great food and drink. It should also a time of compassion and kindness yet countless animals are slaughtered in the name of tradition.  

Millions of turkeys are eaten at Christmas dinner tables up and down the country in addition to huge numbers of pigs and salmon – also classed as firm favourites – being consumed. This adds up to a litany of misery with many more young animals’ lives being taken at a fraction of their natural lifespan. 

With the huge rise in vegan products on our supermarket shelves, there has never been an easier time to plan for a cruelty-free Christmas. Our campaign will take the appalling realities of factory farming onto the high street and show how easy it is to prepare mouth-watering meals avoiding the suffering that is such a huge part of the meat, dairy, fish and egg industries. 

Order our new Christmas leaflets

Xmas leaflet 2023
Xmas leaflet 2023

Order our new leaflets to door drop around your neighbourhood.

Ultimate Vegan Christmas Guide

Christmas is a time of joy, so what better way of spreading peace, kindness and compassion to our loved ones and our animal friends than by making the big feast deliciously vegan?

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Outreach hosts and supporters

Thank you for considering organising an event! It takes a bit of planning but is highly rewarding. Here are all the best tips to make sure that your event is a success!

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