Animal campaigns


Viva! Animals launches dynamic campaigns to expose factory farming. Most animals spend their short lives in misery, imprisoned in squalor and exploited for human use. Their endless suffering is kept out of sight behind closed doors and so it falls to Viva! to expose the truth. We film and photograph the conditions on factory farms to show the public how animals really live and urge them to choose vegan. We take our undercover footage and run nationwide media campaigns, hitting the headlines with our shocking images. We take to the streets to show the British public where their food really comes from.


Hogwood: a modern horror story

Each day, you are bombarded with messages reassuring you that the UK has the highest welfare standards in the world. Through careful marketing and misleading labels, we are led to believe that farmed animals are well cared for and that eating meat is natural, normal and necessary. It’s time to uncover the truth.

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Foie Gras

Foie gras (french for “fat liver”) is a specialty food made from the engorged liver of a duck or goose. It is a cruel practice and has no place in a civilised society.

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Scary Dairy

Going dairy-free is a smart move not just for ethical reasons but also because it will very likely improve your health in several ways. Try going dairy-free and see for yourself!

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No Porkies: The Pig Industry

Do you love pigs enough not to eat them? After a successful year of running No Porkies street actions nationwide, we are looking for volunteers to run their own events in their local areas. 

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Viva! took an all-vegan milkshake bar across the country, giving out free vegan milkshakes at university fresher fairs! 

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Hogwood Press

Hogwood Farm is a horror farm in Warwickshire housing 16,000 pigs. It is one of the largest pig farms Viva! has ever seen. Conditions there for pigs are so appalling we have launched a campaign urging supporters to TAKE ACTION and help us close the farm down. This campaign has attracted a huge amount of media attention.

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Hogwood Horror Farm

Since 2017, Viva! Campaigns have recorded a catalogue of cruelty at Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire, including extreme overcrowding; routine mutilation; cruel farrowing crates; sick and dying pigs abandoned in gangways; the dead left to rot amongst the living; painful lacerations from brutal assaults and live cannibalism.

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