Viva! Animals

Viva! Animals is here to educate about the wonderful and unique animals we share our planet with. We expose the atrocious factory farming industry which has taken over meat, dairy and egg production. Most farmed animals spend their short lives imprisoned in squalor and exploited for human use – a vast contrast to the freedoms and joys they experience in the wild.

Introduction to factory farming
How many animals are killed each year?
Slaughter: how animals are killed

Recent Campaigns & Investigations

Dead broiler chicken

Investigation: Broilers

An undercover investigation into the UK’s three largest chicken producers reveals the miserable reality of life on dismal factory farms.

Nursing sow confined to barbaric farrowing crate

Investigation: Morrisons Pigs

Cruel Morrisons pig farm forced to close following Viva! investigation into Winterbrook Farm Partners.

Some people actually eat them

Did you know: every year in Britain, around one billion baby animals – including 15 million lambs – are killed behind the closed door of the slaughterhouse, simply for human consumption?

Trout invesitgation

Investigation: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout found severely overcrowded and suffering from stress, abrasive injury and predation in ‘high welfare’ fish farms supplying luxury food retailers.

End Factory Farming

End Factory Farming – Before It Ends Us

Factory farming is an intensive form of animal agriculture which prioritises profit above everything else. This means that animals are kept in cramped, overcrowded conditions with a lack of environmental enrichment, poor hygiene standards and low animal welfare.

Scary Dairy

Going dairy-free is a smart move not just for ethical reasons but also because it will very likely improve your health in several ways. Try going dairy-free and see for yourself!


Latest news & blogs

Do Prawns and Shrimp Feel Pain?

22/02/2021   |  

Search for ‘images of prawns’ on any search engine. Almost everything that comes up will present prawns in the context as something to be eaten. You’ll find them skewered, boiled or fried. It’s hard to find even a single image of a prawn who is alive. It clearly represents the predominant way in which we view prawns and shrimp; not as living creatures, but as food for humans.

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