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Viva! The Vegan Charity

Viva! is the UK’s leading vegan campaigning charity, specialising in undercover investigations and high-profile animal campaigns. Founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, we have spent more than 30 years creating a kinder, more sustainable world for humans and animals alike.

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April 2024: Vegan News Minisode

In this episode, we discuss a false raw milk claim, the new documentary ‘I Could Never Go Vegan’, France’s ban on meat labels for vegetarian products, Cillian Murphy and vegan chef Kirk Haworth’s win on Great British Menu.

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Be part of the dining revolution with Viva!’s restaurant campaign 50by25

Ride on the wave of culinary change as we work towards making 50 per cent of every menu vegan by the end of 2025 to save our planet, with Viva!’s new sustainable dining campaign.

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S2 E1: Emma Håkansson

01/03/2024  |     |   Podcast

Emma Håkansson is an activist from Australia, campaigning for the end of animal exploitation in the fashion industry while also reducing the toll fashion has on the environment and the...

Do vegan men have better sex?

February 2024: Vegan News Minisode

21/02/2024  |   Blog

In this episode, we discuss Joey Carbstrong's new documentary, the vegan lunchbox that went viral and how going vegan can improve men's sex lives.


Easy Vegan

05/02/2024  |     |   Blog

Whether you are considering veganism for animals, the planet or health, there's never been a better time to try vegan.


January 2024: Vegan News Minisode

24/01/2024  |   Blog

In this episode, Faye and Rachel discuss topics including Veganuary, a 3D-printed vegan eel and Mark Zuckerberg's new ‘beef’ farm...

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