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Break Free

04/03/2020  |   Tags:
  • Health

A scientific report by Veronika Powell MSc, Viva! Health Campaigner. An overwhelming amount of scientific research shows that dairy products are not beneficial for bones in the long term and calcium supplements won’t prevent osteoporosis…

Britain’s Hardest Working Mother

02/03/2020  |   Tags:
  • Cows - Dairy

This leaflet reminds people where milk comes from and that dairy cows are the hardest working mothers – producing unnaturally large amounts of milk whilst growing a calf inside.

Building Bones For Life

02/03/2020  |   Tags:
  • Health

A practical guide offering: Nutritional guidance for building strong bones and teeth in adults and kids. Advice on how to prevent and treat osteoporosis…

Calcium rich foods wallchart

01/07/2020  |   Tags:
  • Calcium
  • Diets
  • Vegan diets
  • Vitamins and Minerals

This brand new poster colourfully displays all the rich sources of plant-based calcium from baked beans to blackcurrants.

Chewing The Fat Fact Sheet

05/03/2020  |   Tags:
  • Fat
  • Health

What is Fat and Why Do We Need It? Of the four main classes of food, fat is the most energy dense. It contains more than twice as many calories (kilocalories) weightfor-weight as protein…

Dairy-Free Pocket Rocket

02/03/2020  |   Tags:
  • Cows - Dairy
  • Health

Viva!’s brand NEW, handy mini guide (smaller than a business card) explaining why we don’t need dairy and how to be dairy-free. Full of practical information, tips and tricks, it doesn’t leave anything out!

Diabetes Fact Sheet

30/06/2020  |   Tags:
  • Diabetes

As diabetes continues to spread all over the world, it is essential that an effective approach to its prevention and treatment is adopted. Current mainstream recommendations are not powerful enough and medication does not treat the condition.

Egg on Your Face

30/06/2020  |   Tags:
  • Egg

What you need to know about eggs and your health. This fact sheet explains the links between eggs and heart disease, cancer, diabetes, food poisoning and more.

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Found 107 Results - Page 2 of 11