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Dementia… can a vegan diet help?

05/02/2024  |   Tags: 
  • Age Related Health Problems
  • Diet and dementia

Our brains are dynamic, busy and demanding and use more than a fifth of our daily energy intake. But does the type of food you eat matter and can it affect your risk of dementia?

Grapes and raisins

18/01/2024  |   Tags: 

These sweet favourites have unexpected health benefits – both grapes and raisins offer a great nutrient bundle

Fats – the good, the bad and in between

02/01/2024  |   Tags: 

There’s a lot of talk about fat – some say to avoid it, others to eat more of it, while the rest of us probably aim for the middle ground. But here’s the point – not all fats are the same. Find out how to be smart about the fats in your diet here.

Page 2 of 76
Found 757 Results - Page 2 of 76