The Christmas Run for Animals

Rory, Sean and the rest of the Christmas Run for Animals team are putting in the miles for Viva!.

The 20-strong team are joining forces to run as far as they can for the animals this Christmas – and you can join them!

On the 21st December, the Christmas Run for Animals team will be putting on their running shoes and packing their bags for a gruelling endurance event to raise awareness and money for animals this Christmas.

They are each going to be running, walking and crawling as far as they can between sunrise and sunset – that’s the 7 hours and 49 minutes between 8:05am and 3:54pm – to raise awareness for the 10 million turkeys that are killed for Christmas dinners each year.

As the team explain about the mass killing of turkeys and other animals each Christmas: “We don’t think that’s very Christmassy!”

They will be raising money for Viva! with a target of £1000. If you would like to support them on their ultramarathoning journey, you can find their fundraiser here.

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