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Dogs in Need of Homes in the UK

UPDATE: We have to pause our adoption scheme as the UK government has put a ban on rescue dogs coming over from Poland (and other countries). We will be back with more information as soon as the situation changes. Many thanks!

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy for people and animals. Bombs are falling around Ukrainian animal shelters. Food and medication supplies are running out. Although many people have escaped with their beloved companion animals, in the face of war and the absence of help, some are leaving their animals locked in apartments or chained to a kennel, or left them to wander the streets not knowing what is happening. The situation is dire. Animals in the Ukraine need our help, and they need it now.

Our sister organisation Viva! Poland has already taken in over 50 dogs and cats from Ukraine into their sanctuary (which already had 500 animals) and more are on their way. Many more animals require our help but we are reaching full capacity. This is why we are calling on YOU. Can you provide a loving forever home to a dog from our sanctuary? The more dogs we are able to rehome in the UK, the more we can take in from Ukraine.

Dogs for Adoption

Before you adopt

In times of crises, we all want to help. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think how many animals urgently need homes. If you think you might be in a position to give one of our dogs a forever home, we’d love to hear from you! We’re sure you agree that a dog is for life so we ask you to speak to the other members of your family first and really consider whether you can provide a life-long home for one of these beautiful dogs. Of course, Viva! will be on hand for advice once they have been adopted but it’s worth remembering that they have been through a lot so we’d like to give them a family they can live with for the rest of their lives.

Please consider questions like:

  • If or for how long the dog would be left at home alone while you are out?
  • If you’re able to get a dog walker if you go out to work?
  • Can you take a week off work when the dog first arrives to settle him or her in?
  • Who could look after the dog when you go on holiday?
  • If you are in rented accommodation, we ask for written consent from the landlord stating that you are able to keep a dog in your home

Dogs for adoption

Our Viva! Poland sanctuary houses more than 500 animals of various species; including cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows and foxes (from fur farms). This number includes 150 dogs. In order to be able to help more dogs and cats from Ukraine we urgently need to rehome these dogs. Some of them have been in the sanctuary for several years now and are desperately waiting for their forever home.

These gorgeous dogs need your help! Can you offer them a home?


Age: 8 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium (23kg)
Character: Friendly and joyful. He likes walks, water and other dogs

Beautiful Budyń has been in the Viva! Poland sanctuary for five years. Can you believe that?

He absolutely loves swimming and walkies. In the sanctuary Budyń shows himself to be a dream companion. And for those of you wondering, his name translates as Custard! He walks well on the lead, travels well in the car, and is a confident boy who isn’t afraid of new situations.

Are you the one who can finally give this lovely boy the home he has been waiting for?

Apply to Adopt Budyń

*ADOPTED* Borówka

Age: 4 years
Sex: Female
Size: Small (10kg)
Character: She likes being fussed, is friendly and active. She likes other dogs, especially calm ones.

This beautiful girl loves people and loves to be doted on! She gets along well with other dogs. Borówka (which means Blueberry!) came to our Viva! Poland sanctuary from a huge public dog shelter Gi iaycko (Bystre) which houses hundreds of dogs; the condition are absolutely heartbreaking. The lovely people at the sanctuary have only good things to say about this lovely girl; she is so cheerful and upbeat they call her an antidepressant as her joy is infectious. Can you give this gorgeous girl the home she deserves?

Apply to Adopt Borówka


Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium/Large (25kg)
Character: Friendly, playful, spontaneous, good with other dogs. For active people
Not to live with cats
Children: Not to live with children
Other dogs: Can live with other dogs, can be boisterous

Atilla is a Boxer-type dog, hugely cheerful and very affectionate. He is boisterous and active so would suit an active home. He is a truly gorgeous boy! Atilla’s lead training is still in progress. He sometimes stops but you can pull the leash gently and he will carry on walking. This young dog would love to explore the British countryside with you and go on adventures together.

Will you be his new adventure buddy?

Apply to Adopt Atilla


Age: 5 years
Sex: Male
Size: Small/Medium (12kg)
Character: Friendly, joyful, he loves walks and he’s sensitive. Komacz doesn’t like other dogs.
Cats: Not to live with cats
Other dogs: Komacz doesn’t like other dogs and would prefer to be an only dog

Komacz has been at the shelter for four years! Can you believe it? No home to call his own for four long years. As yet, no one has noticed him or invited him into their family. Despite his small size and a VERY positive attitude towards people, and his great desire to cooperate – he has not found his human(s) yet.

Please, help us to show Komacz some love and get him out of the shelter, into a home of his own.

Apply to Adopt Komacz


Age: 10 years
Sex: Male
Size: Small/Medium (15kg)
Character: Friendly, joyful, he has a problem with his joints so we are looking for home without stairs. He is not very active and very calm. He likes other dogs.

Melon is one of our forgotten seniors. Don’t let Melon spend his golden days in the shelter. We need a loving family for him who is willing to give him the home he deserves. He’s a couch potato and loves gentle walks. Melon falls in love very quickly. You can steal his heart with a little attention, a tender word, and gentle play with a ball. He loves walks, but unfortunately, the degradation of his joints make it difficult for him to go on longer trips. We are looking for a home for him where he won’t have to walk up the stairs and won’t be forced to take long walks. Melon gets on well with other dogs, and lives with another dog. He’s an older, calm, non-invasive dog. We suspect that previously he wasn’t treated nicely – he came to our sanctuary scared of people putting their arms up or putting on a leash.

Apply to Adopt Melon


Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium (14 kg)
Character: Positive, joyful, friendly with people and other dogs
Cats: Can’t live with cats
Other dogs: Prefers to be the only dog in the home
Children: Most likely good to live with children

Berni is a young boy who is desperately waiting for a home. He is very unhappy in kennels and misses human company. He loves other dogs and people! He also walks very well on the lead and loves swimming. Berni is looking for an active home as he loves running. When he gets the zoomies, he’s as fast as lightning!

Apply to Adopt Berni


Age: 8 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium (20 kg)
Character: Calm, sociable, enjoys the company of people and other dogs

Vasco is a very loving and gentle dog who needs to leave the shelter as soon as possible. He really suffers in the shelter and desperately needs a home. He is calm on walks, walks nicely on a lead and has good recall. When our Viva! Poland volunteers return him to the kennels after his walk, he cries in despair. Due to Vasco’s focus on humans he might suffer from separation anxiety in his new home so we are looking for a patient family for him. Can you give him the home he is waiting for so desperately?

Apply to Adopt Vasco


Age: 10 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium (23 kg)
Character: calm, craving for attention, focused on people
Cats: Not to live with cats
Other dogs: Bezik would prefer to be an only dog

Bezik, one of our senior dogs, has been looking for a home for five years! He is kind, charming and the only thing he wants is to be close to people. He is very affectionate and loves to be hugged and cuddled. He walks very nicely on the lead. When off the lead, Bezik loves running around big fields to lose the accumulated energy from living in kennels. He also travels well in the car. Bezik unfortunately cannot be housed with cats, and decides on a case by case basis if he likes other dogs.

Apply to Adopt Bezik


Age: 3 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium (15 kg)
Character: energetic, loves walks and exercise
Cats: Not to live with cats

Doro needs a house in a quiet neighborhood, with a park, without the hustle and bustle of the city. He loves walks. Running and going on adventures are Doro’s biggest joys. He’ll be your very best friend. Doro generally likes other dogs, but can be dominant. Doro came to our Viva! Poland sanctuary in June 2021. He spent a lot of his young life in the shelter so he has got a lot to learn about normal life. That is why we are looking for a dog-experienced home for him. He responds well to clear instructions. Doro is looking for a home that loves an active lifestyle.

Apply to Adopt Doro


Age: 5 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium (15 kg)
Character: positive, lively, likes contact with people, reactive
Cats: Not to live with cats
Other dogs: Can live with calm dogs; he prefers female dogs

Gumiś is desperately looking for his very own forever home. Too long has he been living in the shelter.  Gumiś loves walks, sniffing and exploring… he is curious about everything! That’s why we’re hoping to find an active home for this young boy. After a big walk he likes to snooze and relax. He loves cuddles, walks with his human, and attention. He can be reactive towards dogs on walks and therefore needs careful introductions. We’re hoping to find an experienced home for this little boy who can teach him how to meet new dogs without anxiety and who won’t get overwhelmed when he is reactive.

Apply to Adopt Gumiś


Viva! dog rescue
Viva! dog rescue

Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Size: Small (11 kg)
Character: delicate, shy, sensitive, likes other dogs

Our dedicated Viva! Poland team was able to save Maszka and her puppies from a life on the street. Her puppies have all found homes but this beautiful young girl is still waiting for a home of her own. Maszka is slowly learning to trust humans. She approaches people she knows, asks for cuddles and belly rubs. She is sadly still afraid of sudden movements. She is learning to walk on a lead but it will take some more patience and time for her to be a confident companion dog. She is curious about her surroundings and likes to observe from a distance. She is looking for a patient, quiet home without small children.

Maszka can be shy at the beginning but ones she has gotten used to her people and the environment she is very affectionate. At the beginning it would be important to secure her with a well fitted three-strap harness and a slip lead but once she has settled in she will be ‘the cutest dog on earth’ (direct quote from our Viva! Poland adoption manager).

Apply to Adopt Maszka


Age: 5 years
Sex: Male
Size: Medium/Large (27 kg)
Character: Active, strong, companion for long countryside walks
Cats: Not to live with cats

Rege is a strong and active dog and he loves walking very much. He can cover quite long distances and also likes swimming – in a river or a pond – any water is a great joy for him! Rege loves to be with people and quiet walks where he calms down from the stressful shelter environment. He is good with calm dogs (he prefers females). Rege is very energetic so we’re hoping to find an active home for him.

Apply to Adopt Rege


Age: 10/11 years (approximately)
Sex: Male
Size: Small

He is a sunny, happy dog. He walks beautifully on a leash and loves to sniff . He has the first signs of weak eyesight and hearing, but he doesn’t care about anything.

He is looking for a peaceful home where he will be cared for, loved and pampered.

Adoption Process

If you would like to rehome one of the dogs featured above, please fill out our adoption application form stating which of our four-legged friends would fit best into your family. Our Viva! Poland team, who know the dogs very well, will then process the application forms. The next step of the application is a home visit by a friendly Viva! UK staff member or volunteer to discuss the logistics of having a dog in your home.

If all of the above goes well we will book the transport for your dog who will be brought to your house.

After that we’d love to keep in touch for updates and of course point you in the right direction for further support with settling your new family member in, if needed.

Adoption Donation

All dogs are fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped, have a pet passport and blood tests. The costs of all this, plus transport to the UK is around £450. In order to cover some of these costs we’re asking for an adoption donation. For dogs under 7 we’re asking for a donation of £300 per dog to pay towards these costs. For our senior dogs (7 +), we’re asking for a donation of £200 in order to accommodate the fact that health insurance for the oldies will be more expensive for their new human companion. 

Adoption Form

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