Top Vegan Tips

Being vegan can be super fun and incredibly rewarding! Learning new recipes, educating those around you all whilst saving animals and protecting the planet is something to be incredibly proud of. To make going vegan ever easier, Viva! Gen have put together our Top Vegan Tips!



Learn about it!

The Viva! Gen website is full of information to help you understand all aspects of veganism. Take a look at our helpful resources and share with your friends and family!


Cook it!

There are lots of great alternatives to animal products available in supermarkets. Try veganising your favourite meals, cook one of the delicious recipes or discover something new! The Viva! Vegan Recipe Club has over 1000 tasty recipes to try, you can even down the free app for free!


Talk about it!

Those who are close to you will often be curious about veganism and wonder why you follow a vegan lifestyle. The best way to help others understand veganism is by having a calm and kind conversation. Being vegan means you don’t contribute to animal cruelty and you help save the planet by making choices which are much kinder to the environment. Following a varied and balanced vegan diet is fantastic for your health too! For more tips on how to chat to family and friends, read our Talking about Veganism page section below.


Wear it!

Wearing cruelty-free clothes is another big part of being vegan. You can help animals by wearing clothes that aren’t made with leather, wool, fur, silk or down. There are many shoes and clothes that are made without hurting animals — they are stylish and much kinder too! The Viva! Shop has some great tees with big messages on them so you can wear your activism proudly!


Be proud of it!

Be proud that you are part of a positive change in the world! You are living a life free of harm and cruelty — that is something to be proud of!

Talking about veganism

Chatting about veganism can be the greatest way to show others how important it is! Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to those closest to you so Viva! Gen have put together some helpful advice.

explain what veganism is

Explain what veganism is

Explain what veganism is and politely tell people why being vegan is so important to you. Mention that you don’t think it’s right to eat animals and explain the harm eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs has on the planet and your health.

encourage others to try vegan food

Encourage others to try vegan food

Encourage your friends and family to try vegan options or challenge them to eat vegan for a week using Viva!’s V7 programme. Mention all the places you can eat out so you won’t miss out and explain that there are so many delicious vegan alternatives so you don’t have to compromise on taste! You can use Viva! Gen’s eating vegan page to help you.

be positive!

Be positive!

Vegans usually aren’t created overnight so the most important thing to remember is to stay relaxed and make sure the conversation is left on a positive note! The aim is to support others around us by offering advice and listening to any concerns that they have.

the more they know

The more they know

If your family wants to know more, let them know about to find out about everything vegan! Also, encourage your family to cook something new! There are plenty of free vegan recipes on Viva! Vegan Recipe Club app!

tell friends, family and your school

Tell friends, family and your school

Mention that you are vegan to your school, and if they don’t already, encourage them to offer more vegan food options! Let your friends and family know too. If you’re visiting, they won’t be caught off guard when cooking and they will be able to prepare you something vegan. You can also offer advice on what delicious things are vegan too!

be happy!

Be happy!

Be a shining example for veganism! Others will see you living a happy, healthy life tucking into amazing vegan food and will certainly be intrigued to know more!



get your family and friends to try the v7 challenge today!

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