Farmed Animals

Here, you can learn about how animals are actually farmed in the UK. It isn’t always pleasant – in fact, it’s very unpleasant! – but it is important to understand what animals really go through. This is true especially because we are so often misinformed about where meat, dairy, fish and eggs come from. The easiest and best way of preventing harming animals is quite simple – go vegan!


Cows are beautiful, giant herbivores with incredibly complex emotional lives. Sadly, they are farmed for beef, dairy and veal (meat from baby calves). Read on to find out more about the experience of cows living in the UK.


Chickens are incredibly friendly and affectionate birds – and they’re smart enough to do maths! Unfortunately, most people don’t realise this. A bucket of 24 chicken wings necessitates the killing of 12 of these gorgeous creatures. Click on the image to find out more about how chickens are farmed in the UK.


Did you know that pigs are smarter than dogs and three-year-old children? Most people don’t! People also don’t know that pigs love to keep clean and to keep their habitats tidy – yet the UK’s unhygienic and unnatural farming practices have spread the myth that pigs love being covered in muck. Read on to find out more about the awful treatment of these clever animals.


Turkeys are simply wonderful birds, yet they are frequently treated as if they do not matter at all. Around 10 million turkeys are killed in the UK each year for Christmas alone! So much for Christmas being a time of generosity and good cheer! The best gift you can give to turkeys during the festive season is simply having a plant-based dinner instead.


It’s easy to think that the sheep and lambs we see dotting the countryside around the UK have happy lives, but this is far from the truth. Not only are sheep and lambs killed for meat, but the wool industry is also rife with cruelty to sheep. Thankfully, avoiding lamb, wool and mutton these days is as easy as pie!


There is a common myth that fish do not feel pain. In actual fact, fish are just as conscious and sensitive to pain as animals like cats, cows and humans! There is no scientific reason to think that fish are any less able to suffer than we are. Plus, eating fish and seafood is destroying the world’s oceans and driving many species to extinction.

Field Farm Barn with thousands of ducks
Field Farm Barn with thousands of ducks

We normally see ducks in rivers and lakes, living out their lives on the water. We often don’t realise that millions of ducks are hidden away in farmers’ sheds to lay eggs and be killed for meat! They can live for 20 years in the wild but farmed ducks are killed at a fraction of their natural lifespan.


Bees are some of the most important animals in the entire UK ecosystem. Many people therefore think that eating honey is good for bees and good for the environment. In actual fact, this could not be further from the truth! We need to support our pollinators, yet eating honey is doing the opposite of this. Click on the image to find out the truth about bees and the beekeeping industry.

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