Here are some of Viva!’s favourite vegan poems. If you have a vegan poem email your poem along with your name and age to vgen@viva.org.uk and it may feature in the poetry gallery!


Bless Up My Ickle Man by Gino

cute baby animals


Bless Up My Ickle Man

Bless up ickle pig.

This little piggy went to Cambridge.

This little piggy went to London.

This little piggy had so much fun.

This little piggy hug out with the mandem.

Bless up my little cow.

I don’t steal your babies milk.

Now your ickle calf should be running around with you.

Bless up my ickle chicken.

No mandem gonna crack your eggs open and throw them in a pan raw.

Never gonna see KFC at my door, so scramble keep you’re flesh licking fingers from my

One love door.

Bless up ickle lamb.

Baa baa momma sheep have you any lambs no g no g they

Have all gone to the slaughter man.

Bless up my ickle fox.

Never gunna wear your skin your fur is fire it keeps you warm so

Just shut the door.

Bless up my ickle rabbit.

Run rabbit run the farmers coming with his gun.

Never stop running because the farmers coming.

Bless up ickle fish.

Sorry to say that the oil fell into the ocean one day.

We all see. We all feel. We all think. We are not a meal.

Lets speak up for the ickle man that can’t say, nothing.

By Gino

A Dogs Tail

happy dog

A Dogs Tail

I lay beside the road that day,

And tears splashed down my face,

My legs we saw, I was hungry too,

My life was a lonely place.

I saw you walk across the road,

You gently said hello.

You wiped away my failing tears,

and my trust began to grow.

I raised my head and wagged my tail

I knew you were my friend.

You offered me your  helping hand,

And my heart began to mend.

You took me to the vets that day,

and never left my side.

I knew from then my life would change

And my joy I couldn’t hide.

You gave me all a dog could want,

We spend our life together.

I’m the happiest dog in the world today

Because I’m loved and cared forever.

By unknown, featured in PACT Animal Sanctuary Poem Book

Vegan Steven by Benjamin Zephaniah

boy with veg

Vegan Steven

There was a young vegan

Called Steven,

Who just would not kill for no reason,

This kid would not eat

No cheese or no meat

And he hated the foxhunting season.

By Benjamin Zephaniah

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