Pigs are very clever! They are smarter than dogs and even some human toddlers! They love to play, run around and love belly rubs just like dogs!


pigs in grass


Most farmed pigs are kept in huge sheds often with hard concrete floors where they have no room to move around. When a mother pig gives birth to her baby piglets, she is often kept in a crate so she can’t move around. Pigs are kept in these farms until they are killed and sent to the supermarkets as meat.



Viva! and Dean Farm Sanctuary rescued a pig called Hope and her piglets from being killed. The first time Hope had ever been outside was filmed for everyone to see! The video shows her dancing, jumping and running around freely for the very first time!



Viva! have visited many factory farms where pigs are kept. Our biggest investigation was called Hogwood. We went to Hogwood farm four times and found that the pigs weren’t look after very well. Many of the pigs were ill and injured. We went up and down the country to tell everyone how horrible the farm was and we even made a short film about it! Finally, because of Viva!’s campaigns, Tesco decided to stop selling the meat from this farm!

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