Amazing Animals

There are so many fun facts about animals! All animals are wonderful and the Viva! Amazing Animals page shows us just that. Find out more about your favourite farmed animals and then share your knowledge of these amazing creatures with your family and friends!


Cows recognise different people and will pretend that they haven't been fed in order to get seconds!
Cows make different noises to speak to different cows in the herd, just like we call each other by our own names!
Cows have been known to play hide-and-seek, although they're rather too big to be very good at the game!


A pig's sense of smell is 2000 times more powerful than a human's.
Pigs love nothing more than a good back scratch or belly rub!
Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. They can even be taught to play computer games!


Chickens have highly sensitive beaks, just like our fingertips!
Chickens have better eyesight than humans - and see more colours!
Chicken's recognise each other's faces

Sea Creatures

The world's biggest fish is a whale shark which grows to more than 20 metres long!
Turtles were alive at the same time as dinosaurs
Lobsters hear with their legs and taste with their feet
Salmon can live in both freshwater streams and salty water like the sea
Crabs can quickly learn their way out of a maze


Sheep have bestfriends
Sheep have excellent memories and can remember at least 50 individual sheep and human faces for years
Ewes form strong bonds with their lambs who quickly learn to recognise their mother's bleats

Geese and Ducks

Duck's and geese's feathers are waterproof
Migrating geese fly in a v formation to conserve energy and keep track of other geese in the group


Some turkeys run to their human companions for cuddles and love to be stroked
Turkeys have a great sense of hearing even though they have no ears!
Turkeys love music and will cluck along to songs


Goats sneeze as an alarm to warn other goats of danger
Goats are excellent climbers and can even climb to the top of trees!
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