Fish are wonderful creatures of the sea! Each type of fish comes with its own special talent. There are more than 32,000 different types of fish alive today which is more than every other animal combined!



salmon jumping


But just like chicken, pigs and cows, fish are farmed too. They are kept in cages in the water which are often overcrowded meaning that the fish can become ill. They are also caught using fishing boats where the fish can get hurt by trying to escape the huge nets. By doing this, overfishing can happen too. This is when more fish are taken from the ocean than can be replaced naturally. These boats also leave lots of plastic behind which causes serious damage to our oceans and the sea creatures in them.


fish farms
fishing trawler


Viva! has been to many different fish farms to show people where the fish they are eating really comes from. When we visited salmon and trout farms we found that the fish were infested with sea lice! We travelled around the UK with a giant sea lice images and some vegan fish alternatives, which were delicious and most importantly, lice-free!


street action in Cardiff
sea lice on fish
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