Cows can have best friends and they love to solve puzzles – they get very excited when they do! They have also been known to play hide-and-seek, although we think they are a little bit too big to hide! Cows are kept on farms so they can be killed for beef. There are so many tasty veggie burgers, bean burgers and veggie mince we can eat instead!



cows in a field


When a cow gives birth, the mother cow makes milk for their baby calf to drink. But the baby calf is often taken away from it’s mother when it is very little (just a few days old!) so we can drink the cow’s milk instead. The mother cow and baby calf get very upset when they are taken away from one another and can often be heard crying for hours on end. If their baby is born a male, they are killed for meat. If their baby is born a female, they become a dairy cow. We can make lots of milk from different plants and nuts so we can leave the cow’s milk for her baby and put an end to cruelty to cows!


dairy cow with swollen udders
dairy cow and her newborn


During summer, Viva! took a huge van around the country giving away free burgers to show just how tasty vegan burgers are and prove that we don’t need to eat beef! Viva! have also campaigned against dairy for many years. We have handed out vegan milkshakes, milk and cookies and even taken an ice-cream van around the UK so people can see how delicious vegan food is!


handing out cheese samples
burger van
ice cream van
scary dairy street action
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