Chickens are very clever animals! They can recognise each other and even count to 10! Little chicks can even chat to one another when they are still inside their eggs so they can hatch at the same time!





Chickens live on farms until they are killed and sent to the supermarkets as food. On the farms, they have very little room to spread their wings and they spend most of their lives indoors. Chickens also live on farms where they lay eggs. Chickens who live on egg farms are also kept in horrible barns or sometimes in cages. Chickens normally only lay 10 to 15 eggs per year but on an egg farm they lay around 300 – just so we can eat them!


Intensive chicken shed
Intensive chicken broiler shed


Viva! has visited many factory farms where these chickens live to warn people of the cruelty that goes on. Each farm we have visited has been overcrowded and dirty with many injured birds. Chickens love to spend all day searching for food, stretch their wings and bathe in dust, which is very different from the life they lead on a factory farm. By going vegan you are helping to end cruelty to chickens and other wonderful animals!


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