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Vegans don’t eat, wear or use anything from animals. A vegan's lifestyle also tries to avoid all forms of animal cruelty




Viva! works hard to stop cruelty to animals, save the planet and protect your health! We are superheroes of the vegan world! Our campaigns are a huge part of this – we show what happens to animals, the planet and your health so you know how important it is to go vegan. Here you can find out how animals are farmed, what it is doing to our planet and what Viva! is doing to help!

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Did you know the fashion industry can also be cruel to animals?

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The Planet

Why is animal farming hurting the planet and how can we save it?

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Fun & Games

Can you be the first to solve our vegan word searches? Or maybe you’d rather print off one of our fun animal masks to wear!

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Vegan Recipe Club has hundred more delicious vegan recipes to try!

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Some turkeys run to their human companions for cuddles. They love to be stroked and petted. They will remember your face and if they like you, they will come up to you to greet you.
Turkeys love music and will cluck along with songs.
Sheep have best friends.
Ewes form strong bonds with their lambs, who quickly learn to recognise their mother’s bleats if they stray too far from each other.
Salmon can live in both freshwater streams and salty water like the sea!
Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. They are sometimes smarter than, dogs, monkeys, dolphins and even human toddlers. They can even be taught to play computer games!
Pigs love nothing more than a good back scratch, massage or belly rub!
Lobsters hear with their legs and taste with their feet!
Goats are excellent climbers and can even climb to the top of trees!
Crabs can quickly learn to find their way out of a maze!
Cows have been known to play hide-and-seek, although they’re rather too big to be very good at the game!
Cows make different noises to speak to different cows in the herd, just like we call each other by our own names!
The biggest fish in the world is a whale shark which grows to more than 20 metres long. This is the same as two buses!
Turtles were alive at the same time as dinosaurs.
Turkeys have a great sense of hearing even though they have no ears!
Sheep have excellent memories and can remember at least 50 individual faces (sheep and human!) for years.
A pig’s sense of smell is 2,000 times more powerful than a human’s.
Goats sneeze as an alarm! This warns other goats of danger.
Migrating geese fly in a ‘V’ shape to conserve energy and to be able to keep track of other geese in the group.
Ducks and geese’s feathers are waterproof. Their beaks create an oil which they brush over their feathers so the water bounces off just like a raincoat!

Here are some great ways you can get involved to spread awareness of veganism or for fun!


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Take a look at some of Viva!’s favourite vegan poems. Have you written any poems you want to share with us?

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Artist Gallery

Take a look at all this incredible vegan art!

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Jazz Wardle at Vegan Camp Out

Activist Gallery

Our gallery of activists who have done something amazing for Viva! and animals!

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