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Dear Viva! Friend

As someone who cares deeply about animals and is a much appreciated supporter of Viva!, please will you fill out this survey today? We need your support more than ever to help us save animals’ lives.


Your views matter

No matter what your diet, we need to hear from you. This is one of the biggest surveys undertaken in the UK on attitudes to veganism and on Viva!, the group at the forefront of campaigning for a vegan world.

We are gathering information to help us truly understand what does and doesn’t motivate people and who is changing.

This survey will also help us understand why people support Viva! and knowing a little about your lifestyle will help us reach many more like-minded people.



Your privacy
Please note all information given will be treated confidentially. We will not record or hold the information on any computerised system or database with your name or address attached to it in any way. In other words, your survey results will be anonymous and separated from your name and contact details when analysed.

Please SKIP any questions you can’t, or don’t want to, answer and continue the survey.

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