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Nature in Danger Report

02/08/2022  |   Tags: 
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Crisis
  • Eating the Earth
  • Extinction
  • Nature in Danger
  • Planet

Nature in Danger explains why one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction.

Zoonoses report

01/12/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Coronavirus
  • Covid-19
  • End Factory Farming Before it Ends Us
  • Factory farming
  • Zoonoses

Our ground-breaking report investigates zoonotic diseases, such as Covid-19, that have jumped from animals to humans.


03/11/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Planet

Viva!’s new report reveals the devastating impact livestock farming is having on our planet. It investigates all aspects of climate change from global warming, loss of biodiversity…

Pig farming report

02/10/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Investigations
  • Pigs

Taking you deep inside British pig farms, this gripping report featuring exclusive images takes you behind the closed doors of an industry built on commodity and profit.

The Kids Are Not Alright

04/03/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Dairy
  • Goats

The Welfare of Dairy Goats and Human Health Consequences of Consuming Goats’ Milk. Think that goats’ milk is the healthier and kinder alternative to cows’ milk?

Break Free

04/03/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Health

A scientific report by Veronika Powell MSc, Viva! Health Campaigner. An overwhelming amount of scientific research shows that dairy products are not beneficial for bones in the long term and calcium supplements won’t prevent osteoporosis…

The Big-D Report

04/03/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Diabetes
  • Health

This accessible report will take you through the science behind the D-diet and help you make informed decisions about Diabetes.

The fish report

04/03/2020  |   Tags: 
  • Aquatic Wildlife
  • Fish

This fully-referenced scientific report examines the science behind the health claims for oily fish and reveals the research the fish industry would rather ignore…

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Found 15 Results - Page 1 of 2