How To Make A Real Impact This Earth Day

| Post published on April 22, 2020
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The best way to make real change this Earth Day might not be what you think…

Earth Day marks an amazing day where people from all over the world come together to celebrate the planet we all call home. Since 1970 when Earth Day started, we’ve been encouraged to recycle, reduce pollution and be more sustainable.

Now in its 50th year, it’s time to rethink what being environmentally friendly really means and listen to what the Earth needs to thrive.

What if someone told you there was an action you could take that would half your carbon footprint, drastically reduce your land and water usage, save the habitats of wild animals and prevent billions of deaths every year? Sounds like a no brainer, right?!

Well, we think so too, but only 3% of the UK follows a vegan diet despite its huge benefits for the planet, our health and animals. This is why Viva! is dedicated to promoting a vegan lifestyle to anyone and everyone.

So many people are passionate about saving the Amazon rainforest, removing plastic from the oceans and protecting endangered wild species, and days like Earth Day serve to remind us of this.

But caring about these issues while consuming the cattle the forest was destroyed to farm, eating fishes who were caught with a deep-sea trawler and paying for products that are fueling the destruction of habitats will lead to nothing but more damage.

To truly care for our planet, we must go vegan and end the mass production of farmed animals that is destroying our Earth and the billions of creatures that call it home.

Going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do to help the environment, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. And in the past 25 years, we’ve had thousands of impactful conversations with people on high streets, at universities and online, helping people make the connection.

And people are finally listening! There are now more people following the vegan lifestyle than ever before and the movement is booming with vegan options readily available in most high-street restaurants and supermarkets. This means so many more people are making the sustainable decision to look after the earth every day through their consumer habits and reduce their impact on the environment.

These vegan changes are the best thing we can all do for the planet. As well as making change in our own lives, we as a charity, are committed to creating a societal shift towards a greener, more sustainable future. If you want to make real change this Earth Day, why not support our cause and help us create this future for our planet by donating to Viva! here.

As a registered charity, we rely on kind donations to continue our work. With your help, we can help thousands of more people choose a lifestyle that protects the planet and animals – so every day is like Earth Day!

Find out more about Viva! here.

About the author
Louisa Kendal
Louisa is the Digital Communications Officer at Viva! Louisa has been vegan for four years and is passionate about eradicating injustices and exploitation in our world. After graduating from the University of Bristol with a degree in Theology, she worked as a journalist in Malaysia before joining Viva!'s marketing team. She now leverages social media and the online world to forward the vegan movement and keep Viva! growing in influence. Click here for more info.

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