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Our forests are burning, our air is being polluted, our oceans are poisoned, our soil degraded and our wildlife wiped out. Never before in human history have we seen ecological devastation on this scale. If we don’t act soon there won’t be a future to fight for.

Going vegan has been conclusively proven to be the ‘single biggest way’ we can protect the planet and our future.

Try our free 7 day vegan meal plan and help to save our planet. Read on to find out more about the issues.


Quick Facts.

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In the UK, a typical vegan diet emits 2.5 times fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than a typical meat-eater’s.

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Animal agriculture emits more greenhouse gases than all of the world’s transportation industry combined.

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83 per cent of farmland is used for animal agriculture and yet animal products only account for 18 per cent of calories and 37 per cent of protein consumed by humans.

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We could reduce the use of farmland by over 75 per cent if we all adopted a vegan diet. This would free up crucial land space to be used for rewilding, growing trees, protecting ecosystems and absorbing carbon, rather than emitting it.

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The fishing industry is the biggest plastic polluter in the world. Most plastic in the oceans is from discarded nets and lines.

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80% of all meat and dairy globally now come from intensive or factory farms. They are responsible for more than 500 nitrogen-flooded dead zones around the world’s oceans


Why is animal agriculture so harmful to the planet?


Animal farming is at the heart of the climate crisis. Farming animals for meat, dairy and eggs is a leading cause of wildlife loss, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, food waste… the list goes on.

Animal agriculture is rooted in almost every single issue within the climate crisis. In the oceans, overfishing is wiping out aquatic wildlife and fish farming is like a malignant cancer on our coasts.

It’s Time To Take Action.


It can be easy to think of the climate emergency as something which doesn’t actually affect us – something that affects ice caps, polar bears and some animals, but not humans. However, that is just not true. The future of humankind depends on the health of the planet.

We’re already seeing the start of changes, from increased flooding, food insecurity and droughts, and our increased demand for animal agriculture is fuelling this crisis. There has never been a more important time to choose vegan for the sake of our planet.

Delve into the details and find out exactly how farming animals is affecting us and the world. Have a look at the peer-reviewed studies and facts about animal agriculture here.

If you’re ready to make the change, try our free 7-day vegan programme and start making a difference today.


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