Viva! la Burger Tour

Viva! La Burger Tour

Did someone say free burgers?

This summer our Viva! team is hitting the streets to show the people of Britain just how darn delicious vegan burgers are – and how they can save the planet by eating them!

Our environment campaign, Vegan Now, highlights the devastating impact animal agriculture is having on our planet and the climate crisis. Animal agriculture is the leading driver of wildlife loss and releases more greenhouse gasses than the entire world’s transport sector.

Going vegan is the single biggest action an individual can take to combat climate change – switching beef for beans can literally save our planet.

As part of Vegan Now, we are embarking on a 5-city tour of Britain giving away thousands of FREE  delicious vegan burgers with all the trimmings and encouraging the public to try vegan – all from our spectacular vegan burger van! Taste & Glory, a leading meat-alterative brand, have kindly provided their seriously epic and superior-tasting burgers for the tour.  

The Viva! team will be on hand to talk about how to make simple vegans swaps, the campaign and their super-easy one week vegan meal plan – V7.

Speaking about the tour, our Senior Campaigner Will Sorflaten said: 

“We’re hitting the road this summer to show the people of Britain just how tasty and simple it is to make the world a better place – just by eating vegan! 

There has never been a more important time to talk about animal agriculture and the devastating impact it is having on our health and our planet.  

Going vegan is the single biggest action an individual can take to combat climate change – switching beef for beans can literally save our planet. 

All major supermarkets have an incredible range of vegan food now, there’s never been a better time – so go on, give it a go!”

Stay tuned and follow Viva! on social media for updates on the tour.

Get involved


Please come and volunteer at an event near you. There is no better way to speak to the public about going vegan than over a delicious cruelty free burger 🍔 The more people we can speak to the more animals we can save. Help us help animals and the planet and join in!

Whether you want to engage in conversation with people, hand out leaflets or hold a placard, we would love to see you there! 🙌

The events will follow Covid-19 guidelines.

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