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Farming animals for meat, dairy and eggs is a leading cause of the climate crisis. Our house is on fire; is it fine to keep on eating our way to climate and ecological collapse?



This Is Fine is our latest environmental campaign video – an illustrated animation playing on the viral meme, ‘This is fine’. The short video demonstrates the devastating impact animal agriculture is having on our planet and offers a solution to the problem — go vegan now.

Watch as the protagonist consumes animal after animal, saying ‘this is fine’ despite the devastating destruction taking place around him. Bones from the animals he has consumed pile up around him until finally, as the dramatic flames engulf him and his home, the character realises this is NOT fine.

As the fire and devastation is replaced by lush greenery, we see the animal-based foods replaced by a deliciously decadent vegan burger – resulting in the character stating, this IS fine. The final scene of the animation provides a clear and simple message:


Our house is on fire.

Animal farming is at the heart of the climate crisis.

Go vegan now to protect the planet.

It’s Time To Take Action.


A study conducted by Oxford University researcher Joeph Poore includes the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage animal farming does to the planet. The study revealed that going vegan is the single biggest action an individual can take to reduce their impact on the planet. Poore said “It is far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car,” he said, as these only cut greenhouse gas emissions.

We have the power to shape our destiny, but we are now at a crossroads. We are facing a climate crisis that will alter the world beyond salvation. If we don’t act now, we will witness the sixth mass extinction of wildlife, ecosystems collapsing beyond repair, and the end of the human race.

The answer is Vegan Now.

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