Media release published at February 8, 2023

Provocative new animation forces audiences to think about wildlife loss

The UK’s leading vegan charity Viva! has released a brand new animation designed to show people how their eating habits are destroying wildlife — and what they can do about it.

The thought-provoking animation, How YOU Can Save Wildlife, is part of Eating the Earth: a revolutionary environmental campaign that reveals how eating meat and dairy is destroying the environment and the world’s wildlife. 

The short animation is narrated by a father reading a storybook to his young child. When he opens the book, the film takes viewers on a journey as they witness the beauty of the natural world, with animal favourites such as gorillas and elephants bursting onto the screen in bright colours. 

However, the film takes a sudden dark turn when the father explains that these animals are endangered due to humanity’s endless appetite for meat, dairy, fish and eggs.

It highlights how vast swathes of land are destroyed daily to make room for farmed animals and the crops used to feed them. In the process of destroying the land to rear animals for meat and dairy, many other animals lose their habitat. This subsequently leads to the population decrease of many species and could even result in their extinction.

But all is not lost, the narrator explains, reminding his child that we can still save the wildlife we know and love by going vegan now.

The tone of the film is lighthearted enough to be suitable for children, while still retaining its hard message: we are killing our wildlife, and without it we cannot survive.

The animation has been created in collaboration with Skylark, the production company who worked with Viva! on previous projects such as The Drum Roses Awards 2022 winner This Is Fine and the controversial TV advert Takeaway the Meat, which was ASA’s second most complained about ad of 2022.

Speaking about the animation, Viva!’s environment campaigner Jasmine Clark, said: “Humanity’s choice to consume animal products is destroying wildlife, threatening the existence of species worldwide. Many people think that if they opt for a non-vegan meal, the only animal who dies is the one that they eat, but this is not the case. Eating animal products is also causing destruction of the world’s wildlife, something that is avoidable if we switch to a vegan diet. This animation states the message loud and clear: animal agriculture is threatening our wildlife, but there’s still time to change the narrative. Go vegan now.”

You can watch the animation on YouTube 

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