Media release published at October 18, 2022

Now on Netflix: ground-breaking documentary exposes the harrowing reality of UK factory farming

Hogwood on Netflix

An explosive new documentary has launched on Netflix, providing a rare glimpse into an industry that profits from extreme exploitation: factory farming.

This multi-award-winning documentary joins Netflix’s impressive roster of investigative documentaries, including Seaspiracy, The Game Changers and What The Health.

HOGWOOD – created by leading UK vegan charity Viva! – follows a team of intrepid investigators as they uncover multiple instances of animal abuse and extreme welfare violations at Hogwood pig farm in Warwickshire. At the time of the investigation, Hogwood Farm was Red Tractor assured and supplying pork to Tesco. With a runtime of just over 30 minutes, viewers are offered a unique opportunity to see what really goes on inside UK factory farms, a secret that is well-hidden from the general population, and fiercely guarded.

However, the story doesn’t end there. As Viva! fought to expose the horrors of Hogwood Farm, the charity came up against a lot of resistance in their battle to reveal their findings. What began as an investigation into one specific farm snowballed into an eye-opening exposé of UK factory farming, as Viva! went up against multiple institutions and major players in the animal agriculture industry, all of which are complicit in animal suffering.

Presented by Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn, the documentary includes exclusive interviews with investigators who witnessed first-hand the shocking conditions the pigs were forced to endure, as well as a doctor and a vet – all of whom condemn the atrocities committed at Hogwood Farm.

Speaking about HOGWOOD coming to Netflix, the documentary’s director, and Associate Director of Viva!, Tony Wardle said: “This documentary reveals everything that factory farmers don’t want you to see: the abject suffering of all animals imprisoned within their walls. HOGWOOD gives people a one-off opportunity to see inside these farms, which are typically closed off to the public in order to allow pork suppliers to advertise the oxymoron that is “happy farmed animals”. I’m really proud of everyone who was involved in creating this documentary, and I’m thrilled that Netflix has given us a platform to reach a wide audience across Europe. Our job now is to continue fighting to end factory farming before it ends us.”

An essential watch for anyone curious about where their food comes from, HOGWOOD is now on Netflix and will be available to stream in most European countries.

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