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| Post published on December 9, 2020
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Viva! turkey investigation

Share our investigation graphics

Download one of the graphics below and share with the following text:

The life of a factory-farmed turkey is filled with nothing but pain, discomfort and fear. End Factory Farming, Before It Ends Us.

👉  viva.org.uk/investigation-turkeys

#EndFactoryFarming #EFF

Fallen Turkey at Clearwell FarmDead Turkeys at Clearwell FarmOvercrowded Turkeys at Strawberry Hill FarmInjured Turkey at Strawberry Hill Farm

Share our investigation video

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Turkey Farming Exposed: https://youtu.be/VyazykaR3Ek

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end factory farming before it ends us logo turkey version

Your voice counts!

Join us in calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to End Factory Farming, Before It Ends Us.

About the author
Tayana Simons
Tayana is a freelance writer specialising in veganism, the environment and mental health. She is a trained journalist and previously worked for Viva! as a Campaigner. She now lives in Cornwall where she is a keen sea swimmer, jogger and coastal hiker.

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