The Incredible Vegan Health Report

The Incredible Vegan Health Report

A trailblazing, fascinating one of a kind publication based on the latest scientific research exploring why vegan diets are the best for your health. The number of vegans is sky-rocketing all over the world with millions of people experiencing the health benefits. This pioneering report explains why a vegan diet is so beneficial to our health and how it improves or prevents many health conditions including asthma, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, digestive disorders, kidney problems and how it helps protect our mental health. The report also explains what a good vegan diet means and looks into the general health of people eating different types of diet from across the world to paint an accurate picture of vegan health. Whether you’re just curious, need advice and reassurance or are a health professional, this is a great and original resource for everyone!

Fully referenced and based on scientific studies from peer-reviewed journals.

(56 pages)

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