Meat the Truth report

Meat the truth report

Meat the Truth. How and why meat consumption is a major public health concern. A review of the evidence.

Viva! Health reveals the ground-breaking scientific evidence that meat offers no health benefits and is linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.

It examines the links between red meat, processed meat, chicken and disease and explains why meat causes food poisoning, how BSE, bird flu and antibiotic-resistant superbugs pose an increasing threat that we can’t afford to ignore.

The meat industry has money and influence, so we are fed mixed messages. However, with pressure from groups like Viva! and reports like this, public health guidelines are slowly beginning to change. You don’t have to wait though, read the research for yourself here and make up your own mind!

“This report reveals what the meat industry doesn’t tell you. Find out what substances in chicken, beef, pork and lamb are linked to our biggest killers – heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It will leave you in no doubt about the harm meat does and explains why going meat-free is one of the best things you can do if you want to lead a long and healthy life.” Dr Michael Greger, physician and international speaker on nutrition, food safety and public health and author of How Not to Die.


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