Juliet Gellatley Discovers Pig Remains Dumped Near Hogwood Farm

Grisly remains were found at a woods near Hogwood Farm (which has been reported to the authorities). Watch Juliet’s emotional account.

“This is quite an emotional film. It is what hit me on walking into woods strewn with bodily remains. It felt like I’d walked into a the aftermath of a war zone. Unmarked graves for animals who were just a number. I found an eartag ‘224’ next to the skull of a pig who never knew kindness or love.

“Viva! was tipped off that Hogwood Farm dump dead pigs in the local woods, owned by the farmer Brian Hobill. I walked with several people who came to Viva!’s vigil and we found 12 skulls, jaws, shoulder bones and legs scattered around and a mound filled with rotting remains – like a macabre scene from a horror film. But these victims were alive and suffered and died for nothing. Help Viva! – support this campaign and join us. We are you!”

Juliet Gellatley, Viva! Campaigns Founder & Director

Visit our Hogwood campaign page for more information on Hogwood farm.

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