Iron-Rich Foods Wallchart

Iron-rich foods

Brand new, colourful design – with extendable piece giving you top tips and how much you need each day!

Forming part of Viva!’s ‘Healthy Reminders’ series. This Iron chart colourfully displays all the rich sources of plant-based iron from chickpeas to curly kale. Laminated, so ideal to stick up in the kitchen or classrooms.

Approximately 38.5cm in length. 21cm in width.


Top Tip!

Vitamin C massively increases your absorption of iron.

How High is High?

Some examples of our super-iron heroes contained in medium-sized servings:

Sultana bran 4mg of iron per 50g; Tofu 3.5mg per 100g; Whole wheat spaghetti 3.1mg per 220g; Muesli 3mg per 100g; Baked beans 3mg per 1/2 can; Red lentils 2.9mg per 120g; Figs (3 dried) 2.5mg per 60g; Edemame 2.3mg per 100g; Curly kale 2mg per 100g; Kidney beans 1.8mg per 90g; Pumpkin seeds 1.2mg per 12g

How Much Should I Eat Per Day?

  • 8.7mg (men)
  • 14.8mg (women up to age 50) or
  • 8.7mg (women over 50)

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