Viva!Life Issue 77 | Summer 2021

| 16 September 2021
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Viva!Life 77 cover


Welcome to Viva!Life issue 77; our scorching summer edition! We have not one, not two, but three feature interviews this issue! We catch up with one quarter of one of the biggest rock bands in the UK: Don Broco’s drummer, Matt Donnelly (pages 20-21); we speak to veteran undercover investigator Pete Paxton (pages 32-33); and we interview British billionaire Jim Mellon about why he’s backing bio-meat (pages 8-9, 49). We give you the lowdown on our latest campaign news at home and abroad – including our long-awaited return to street actions! – with articles on Save a Baby (pages 10-11), Vegan Now (page 13), Viva! Poland (pages 34-35) and Oracle (page 38). We are also paying homage to our phenomenal Viva! Heroes (pages 14-15)! These supporters take on the most incredible challenges to raise funds for us and we are so awed by their achievements! We (cautiously) celebrate the return of the summer party season with our delicious sun-kissed recipes (pages 27-30) and share the latest lifestyle finds (pages 36-37), Save a Baby merchandise (pages 46-47) and Vbiz news (page 51). Viva! Health’s Dr Justine Butler delivers an in-depth feature on the menopause (pages 40-41), and examines the latest vegan health news in Life Science (pages 22-23). We explore why a vegan diet is the best sports fuel you can get (pages 44-45) and reveal our exciting new Vegan Sports Nutrition Guide (page 19)!


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