Top 5 Vegan Easter Eggs in Supermarkets

| Post published on April 6, 2020
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Top 5 Vegan Easter Eggs in Supermarkets

With the Easter Bunny getting ready to visit at the weekend, we’ve compiled the best vegan Easter Eggs available!

We all know Easter is just an excuse to eat lots of chocolate and with most supermarkets selling vegan Easter Eggs, we can now totally indulge ourselves! Here are our five top vegan Easter Eggs available now…

ASDA Free-From Vegan Chocolate & Honeycomb Egg – £4

If you’re looking for a luxurious treat this Easter, this free-from chocolate and honeycomb Easter Egg is the one for you! Sprinkled with golden honeycomb, this rich egg is particularly special. So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up or know someone who needs a treat, this is the egg for you!

Sainsbury’s Free-From White Chocolate Easter Egg – £3.50

Everyone loves white chocolate, and now, thanks to Sainsbury’s Free-From range, vegans don’t have to miss out! It’s a generous size so it will keep you satisfied for the whole Easter weekend. And at a very modest price, what’s not to love!

Tesco Free From Chocolate Caramel Egg With Buttons – £2.50

This Easter Egg is perfect for anyone with an ultra-sweet tooth who wants a caramel hit with their chocolate indulgence. Paired with yummy chocolate buttons, this Easter Egg will take you back to your youth in an instant.

Moo-Free Easter Egg available in Aldi – £2.49

Moo-Free are an entirely vegan chocolate brand so you can know you’re making the ethical choice this Easter. The egg also includes little ‘choccy chums’ perfect for an Easter Egg hunt or an extra sweet treat at this time of year.

Favorina Dark Chocolate Eggs – £1.49

These delicious dark chocolate eggs are ideal for the Easter Bunny to hide all around the garden for your little ones to hunt out. It’s great to know there are budget vegan options out there so everyone can join in with Easter fun, and of course, no animals were harmed in the making!

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